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Nutrition pros who can be successful with GI patients have never been more in-demand. SIBO is hot. IBS, dysbiosis, candida, h.pylori, parasites, the list goes on...people are madly searching for a professional they can trust, and who can really help. Yet, many nutrition professional struggle to create successful, enjoyable careers in GI nutrition. Why?! There's a complete lack of trustworthy, clinical, applicable information for us. Until now, figuring this out has been left up to (scary) experimentation, countless hours of research, and just guessing. Not only is that intensely challenging, but it also feels like a major risk. Well, the solution has arrived. Introducing: the GI Dietitian's Roadmap: a comprehensive, clinically applicable, and expert course designed for YOU: a GI-focused nutrition professional who wants to set yourself apart (and enjoy doing it). Join us today for 10 weeks of interactive sessions, endless invaluable resources, and direct mentorship. Our next session starts January 24, 2022. Join before January 7th for access to early bird pricing and amazing bonuses!
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What GI-Focused RDs Say About This Course

Jane Schwartz, RD

Specific to Nutrition Professionals

Jane Schwartz, RD

GI Roadmap is a gem. Erin and Alicia are trusted practitioners who leave no stone un-turned when it comes to researching a topic and providing the best evidence based materials that I feel confident sharing with my clients. As an RD, it's also super helpful to be able to learn from nutritionists (vs MD's or other) as they are laser-focused on how we can integrate the info without going out of our scope of practice. The course goes above and beyond with the information shared AND their time to answer questions and provide valuable feedback.
Paulette McMillan, RD

Best Among Hundreds

Paulette McMillan, RD

Excellent course, I could not have asked for more. I have taken hundreds of courses over the years and many were very good but this one is exceptional. Although this course is SIBO based it covered many GI issues and systemic diseases and their interconnections to SIBO. In-depth testing and interventions were addressed. In addition, there were weekly Q&A sessions. The presenters addressed many case studies during the Q&A and the answers provided were thoughtful and thorough.
Anita Dock RD

Organized, Easy to Understand, and Practical

Anita Dock RD

The SIBO Academy has fabulous courses. They are organized and easy to understand. I especially love getting practical ways to apply the information with protocols that includes specific products and dosages. Erin Skinner and Alicia Galvin are so knowledgable about their content and can explain things in an easy to understand style. I look forward to taking more and more courses that they teach.
Valerie Polley, RDN, LDN

Advanced GI Without the Overwhelm

Valerie Polley, RDN, LDN

Learning all of the nuances of GI nutrition can feel overwhelming. This course takes these topics associated with GI issues and bundles them together to be able to understand symptoms, testing and protocols to put forth. I can take this information and use it in my practice right away.
Meg Gerber RD, LDN, IFNCP

Builds on to Integrative & Functional Nutrition Training

Meg Gerber RD, LDN, IFNCP

I highly recommend this course! This was a great addition to my IFNCP training and provided me with the deeper dive into functional GI treatments and overall knowledge base that I was looking for.
C.A., RD

Used to Optimize My Practice

C.A., RD

This course far exceeded my expectations! I made alterations to my intake form, updated my protocols, redesigned my packages I offer on my website, and overall have a better understanding and confidence working with SIBO and other GI related issues.
Christine Bou Sleiman, MS, RD, CLT

A Must-Take for GI Nutritionists!

Christine Bou Sleiman, MS, RD, CLT

This course is a must take if you are interested in learning in-depth, well researched, and practical information that will help you with your GI patients. I learned so many take-aways that I was already able to put into practice. Alicia and Erin are definitely experts in this field.

Exceeded expectations!


This course was surprisingly loaded with step-by-step protocols, practical tips and summaries for condition specific recommendations. The instructors were incredible mentors always available to answer any questions and provide directly usable strategies. All information had research references and was organized in a logical format. The course exceeded my expectations and was certainly worth the price.
Bonnie Roill, RD

Invaluable, Even for Experienced GI Nutritionists

Bonnie Roill, RD

I've been a practicing RDN for 40 years with several decades working with digestive disorders but this course humbled me to what I didn't know and how much more I can offer my clients.

Amazing Support with My Questions!


Alicia and Erin are experts on SIBO and every facet within the GI tract. They were always available to answer questions. I found the Q & A sessions invaluable. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to dive deeper into SIBO and how to implement interventions to support the treatment of SIBO.

Become an Expert, Confident, Effective GI Dietitian

Get the info, resources, examples, protocols, and support that you need to be successful with complex GI patients

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What You'll Get

The most comprehensive course ever created for GI-focused Nutrition Professionals

  • Weekly interactive lessons

    No boring slide decks here! We'll meet weekly for 10 weeks of practical, clinically-focused content broken up with chances to apply, interact, and ask questions. It's more like a fun workshop than a boring lecture!

  • Weekly 'you drive' sessions

    We're here to help! Join us for weekly live office hours - bring your questions, challenging cases, or even test results for help with interpreting. We're here to mentor and support you.

  • Invaluable Resources

    You'll get all of the priceless protocols, algorithms, patient handouts, diet templates, meal plans, and cheat sheets that you need to be successful (and to make your life easy)!

Course curriculum

  • 1


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    • Welcome Video
    • Schedule of Live Sessions with Zoom links
    • Table of Contents
    • IMPORTANT! Videos all require a password
  • 2

    Tech Videos

    • Course Shell Overview
    • Vimeo Overview
    • Slido Overview
  • 3

    GI Assessment Roadmap (weeks 1-2)

    • Week 1 - Assessment - slides
    • Week 2 - Assessment - slides
    • GI Assessment Resources
    • GI Assessment Roadmap Video Archives
    • GI Assessment Roadmap - CEUs (CDR)
  • 4

    GI Testing Roadmap (weeks 3-4)

    • Week 3 - Testing - Slides
    • Week 4 - Testing - Slides
    • GI Testing Resources
    • GI Testing Roadmap Video Archives
    • GI Testing Roadmap - CEUs (CDR)
  • 5

    GI Interventions Roadmap (weeks 5-7)

    • GI Interventions Resources
    • GI Interventions Roadmap Video Archive
    • Week 5 - Interventions Part 1 - Slides
    • Week 6 - Interventions Part 2 - Slides (1 of 2)
    • Week 6 - Interventions Part 2 - Slides (2 of 2)
    • Week 7 - Interventions Part 3 - Slides
    • GI Interventions Roadmap - CEUs for CDR
  • 6

    GI Diets Roadmap (weeks 8-9)

    • GI Diets Resources
    • GI Diets Roadmap Video Archive
    • GI Diets Roadmap - Part 1 - Slides
    • GI Diets Roadmap - Part 2 - Slides
    • GI Diets Roadmap - CEUs for CDR
  • 7

    Course Feedback Survey

    • Course Feedback Survey
  • 8

    Case Studies (week 10)

    • GI Case Studies - Slides (Alicia, Case 1)
    • GI Case Studies - Slides (Erin, Case 2)
    • Case 2 - Gut Zoomer
    • Case Studies Video Recordings
    • GI Roadmap Case Studies CEU
  • 9

    Business of GI Practice/IFN (bonus content)

    • BONUS Practice Optimization Seminar
    • Practice Management Session SLIDES

Meet The Instructors

Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Providers (IFNCPs), Registered Dietitian (RDs), and Co-Creators of the SIBO Academy

Alicia Galvin

Registered Dietitian

Alicia Galvin

Alicia Galvin MEd, RD, LD, IFNCP owner of Alicia Galvin Smith LLC, has practiced in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 2008 with a keen interest in gastrointestinal disease, such as IBS, IBD, and SIBO, as well as has a focus in fertility, autoimmunity, and chronic inflammatory conditions. In addition to owning her own practice, she spent years practicing as an integrative and functional dietitian at Carpathia Collaborative, a premier functional medicine clinic, helping patients develop customized solutions that empower them to take control of their health challenges. Recently, she joined Microbiome Labs in December 2022 as part of their Clinical Education Team as a Clinical Science Liaison. She earned a Masters of Education in Counseling degree from the University of North Texas and completed her Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP) certification with the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA), as well as has completed Next Level Functional Nutrition Training. Alicia has a passion for education and mentoring, having served as Mentoring Coordinator for the Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG for 2 years and is currently a Mentoring Leader for IFNA. She has also served as Nominating Chair for the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Nutrition DPG.
Erin Skinner

Registered Dietitian

Erin Skinner

Erin is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP). She is a veteran with 13 years of experience in healthcare. She holds an MS in Integrative Physiology and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition (DCN) from Rutgers University. Erin help build one of the country's first insurance-billed functional medicine clinics, the Inspire Health Center. Erin also has a private practice, Empowered Nutrition, where clients can access functional medicine via insurance. In her work, Erin uses a food-first, individualized approach to help people improve their digestive, hormonal, and metabolic health. Erin works with clients both through private counseling and online courses. More details available at:

We're Pros at Helping Nutrition Pros!

What GI-Focused RDs Say About This Course

Dianne Cogburn MPH, RDN, LDN.

One of the Best

Dianne Cogburn MPH, RDN, LDN.

I have taken other courses from SIBO academy as well as the advanced G.I. Course with the institute of Functional Medicine. This new course is more comprehensive and includes live Q & A sessions with other dietitians which is very valuable. There are also many resources that are ready to share with clients. I have learned so much in this course and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to increase their skill set in gut health.
Erika Jacobson, MS RD

Comprehensive Course Worth the Investment

Erika Jacobson, MS RD

This course is absolutely worth the investment. It is comprehensive but concise, with loads of applicable information and tools for your practice. The Q&A sessions are in-depth and so helpful that you can get clarity on course materials and ask case questions. Take this course! You won't regret it!
Sarah Stroup, MS, RD, LDN

Fantastic Opportunity for Nutrition Professionals

Sarah Stroup, MS, RD, LDN

Alicia and Erin were so thorough and comprehensive in the education provided and were genuinely incredible teachers to learn from. I especially appreciate the breadth of their experience they shared throughout the course. I am walking away with many resources for my clients + further subjects and research articles for my own independent study! I feel so prepared for creating individualized interventions for my clients and am glad to have this course as a wonderful reference!
Kara Siedman RDN, CDCES, CLT

Comprehensive Education for Complex GI Patients

Kara Siedman RDN, CDCES, CLT

I am the Director of Nutrition Program for large GI practice; as someone who has been working in the GI realm for the past 8 years and as a mentor for hired dietitians in our practice, this course does a great job at outlining important GI issues/problems/conditions and providing applicable protocols and algorithms for practitioners to be successful when working with these complex patients.
Lauren Martinez, RDN

Empowering Experience that Exceeds Expectation

Lauren Martinez, RDN

This course left me mind blown and completely exceeded my expectations. I have never felt so much more empowered as a dietitian after taking this course, and I cannot wait to apply these new skills to my practice.

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    Here's where GI-focused nutrition pros often go wrong. We lay out what common mistakes to avoid (and what to do instead).

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    Those GI Questions can't wait. Have questions about GI cases leading up to the course? Once you've joined, you'll have access to us for email questions/mentorship in the weeks BEFORE the course begins (Jan 24, 2022).

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Answers to common questions about the GI Dietitian's Roadmap

  • How long/when does the course run?

    The course runs for 10 weeks: Jan 24th - Apr 1st, 2022. The weekly seminars are Mondays (recorded, on-demand) and the optional mentorship hours are Thursdays or Fridays for 1 hour. All sessions will be recorded and shared.

  • What is the time commitment?

    There will be a 90 minute recorded seminar once weekly, plus an optional live 1-hour Q&A once weekly. That's all the time required!

  • What if I can't attend live?

    No problem! You'll have access to recordings for 12 months, plus you can send questions on your topic in advance. You can also catch up with us at weekly 'office hours' with questions or any tricky cases you have.

  • What will I get out of this?

    Most importantly, you'll have true expertise, effectiveness, and confidence with GI patients. This will allow you to launch your dietetics career to new heights (this ability is priceless)! You'll also get 25 CEUs from CDR (approved) plus rewarding, lasting connections with other GI-focused nutrition professionals.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    The course is non-refundable after Jan 24, 2022.

  • How is this different than your other SIBO Academy Content?

    Our other SIBO Academy content is focused just on SIBO. On the other hand, this course is focused on GI-focused practice in a broad sense. This is an advanced course that is targeted for clinicians with a background in Integrative and Functional Nutrition (not a beginner/intro course). So, you'll become effective at working with a complex GI patient from start to finish, whether it's SIBO, other GI conditions/problems, or a combination.

  • Does this include CEUs?

    The course is approved by CDR for 25 CEUs for Registered Dietitians. You also get continuing education credit for maintenance of your IFNCP credential through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA).

  • When will you run the course again?

    The next run of the course starts Jan 24, 2022. As with last time, we expect it to sell out quickly. So, if you want to become a GI expert nutritionist, it's best to jump on it before enrollment closes. You'll have access to all videos and materials for 12 months, so it's OK if you can't attend 100% live.

  • What EXACTLY is included?

    Over the 10 weeks, we'll go over the advanced info and practical application that you need for expert GI assessment, testing, intervention, and dietary/MNT. You'll also get toolkit items in each module - practical handouts, algorithms, diet guides, and recipes to make it EASY on you. Grab our full, detailed outline HERE:

Investment (Early Bird Pricing)

Regular price: $697. Membership includes 25 CEUs from the CDR for RDs!

  • $697.00

    Early Bird Price (includes 'Common Mistakes' Bonus until Jan 7th)


We're Pros at Helping Nutrition Pros!

More Course Testimonials from GI-Focused RDs

Kristine Taylor, MS, RDN, LD

Amazing Expertise and Value

Kristine Taylor, MS, RDN, LD

This is exactly the course I needed. The content and expertise is exceptional and is such a great value. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a supportive, deep-dive into all things GI.
Stephanie Devine, MS, RD

Great Confidence Boost and Investment!

Stephanie Devine, MS, RD

This course was filled with an abundant amount of practical information and resources. I will feel confident working with SIBO clients which can be challenging. Erin and Alicia are true experts. It is a great investment.

Exceeded Expectations and Immediately Applicable


The GI Roadmap course was an excellent choice for my continuing education. It went over and beyond my expectations with the information and protocols presented. It's up to date with the latest research and gets you prepared to get out and practice right away!
 Jacqui Zimmerman, RD, LDN.

Loved the Confidence Boost and Protocols!

Jacqui Zimmerman, RD, LDN.

The GI roadmap course was exactly what I needed to feel more confident helping my clients with digestive issues (which is most of them!) and recommending testing and protocols. Erin and Alicia are extremely knowledgeable and passionate.
Dana Bosselmann, MA, RDN, IFNCP

A Must-Attend for GI-Focused, IFN Practitioners!

Dana Bosselmann, MA, RDN, IFNCP

A must attend course for advanced functional medicine dietitian nutritionists who are ready to truly advance their skills and optimize each clients outcomes.
Nancy Patin Falini, RDN

The Support and Responsiveness was Incredible

Nancy Patin Falini, RDN

Alicia and Erin are beyond generous and gracious with their time and willing to share and truly help us be the best we can for our patients!
Tracey Sinibaldi, RD, LDN, CDCES

Gives you Truly Advanced Competency

Tracey Sinibaldi, RD, LDN, CDCES

A wealth of knowledge these two ladies shared in the course. You truly walk away with advanced competency to work with SIBO patients.
Anabel Teuten, CNS, LDN

Made Advanced GI Cases Easier to Address!

Anabel Teuten, CNS, LDN

GI Roadmap is full of well-researched information and protocols that make tackling difficult GI cases much easier.

These are the Experts!


Alicia and Erin are experts in the field of not only SIBO, but the complete GI tract. Very informative!

Informative for In-Depth GI Management


Very informative and a great course for practitioners to learn in-depth management of GI conditions.

Become an Expert, Confident, Effective GI Dietitian

Get the info, resources, examples, protocols, and support that you need to be successful with complex GI patients

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