Working with SIBO Patients is Rewarding!

Get Alicia and Erin's full roadmap to being successful with SIBO patients (they will love you for it!)

Intimidated by SIBO? You've come to the right place! Erin and Alicia are two Registered Dietitians who have honed their craft after years of SIBO study and patient work. In this series, you'll get their full roadmap to working SUCCESSFULLY with SIBO patients. We include the recorded seminars, slides, CPE certificates, and even email support for questions!

What You'll Learn

You'll get everything you need to work competently with SIBO patients: detailed SIBO background, assessment/testing, diet, interventions, and maintenance! We even drop our most secret/pro tips!

Gimmie that discount bundle!

Course curriculum

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    7 Seminars - Everything you need for working successfully with all 3 SIBO types

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    • Access 7 seminars, replays, and CPE certificates

Our Affiliations

These 7 seminars are approved for a total of 7.5 CPEs by the CDR. The SIBO Academy is co-hosted by two IFNCP Registered Dietitians