Just follow our Roadmap!

  • We recommend starting with the SIBO Academy Full Series Bundle. (Most popular for the discounted 7 for the price of 6 bundle.) You'll get:

    · A deep dive into all things specifically SIBO, such as: What is SIBO? - SIBO testing & diagnosis - Specific interventions & protocols - Understanding the root causes - Ancillary interventions - Plus a 2-hour deep dive into Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO · Advanced topics, such as: The microbiome - The migrating motor complex - More advanced GI anatomy, etc.

  • From there, we recommend you level up your knowledge with our GI Dietitian’s Roadmap course:

    · Expand beyond SIBO and dive deeper into all things GI ·We walk you specifically through the client’s journey: GI assessment - Functional testing - Detailed supplement guidance - Diet strategies · 10 weeks of content take you to the Expert level of Integrative and Functional GI Nutrition ·ALL GI Roadmap Alumni are eligible for our credential as a Certified Gastrointestinal Nutritionist! Join the waitlist HERE

  • Finally, our GI Nutrition Membership is a great option for those who want to either continue their learning journey with extra support from Alicia and Erin, or for those who want the option to join a Functional GI community !

    · Members are supported across your growth in Functional Nutrition Advanced GI work: Help with your current cases - Answer your monthly questions in a live session - Get business strategy sessions & quarterly updates - Support you within our community, and MORE!